Step into a mysterious world where you get to play detective and stop a cunning murderer before he strikes again by joining the Escape Hunt Experience. This new type of attraction puts you and your friends right in the heart of a detective movie and give you the chance to use your powers of observation to solve a challenging and exciting mystery.

Escape Hunt is a unique adventure that is set like a miniature theme park. Players will be transported back in time to play the role of a famous London detective in one of the company’s specially created sets. They are given an hour to explore the room and pick up clues that will help them to solve a murder mystery. The clock starts ticking as soon as players enter the room and there are plenty of surprises in store to keep players on their toes. The room is locked for the duration of the game and will only be unlocked once the mystery has been solved, which adds an extra element of drama and tension.

Choose your game

Players have three different games to choose from at the Escape Hunt Experience, each of which is created in a different theme and features a different story. Players who opt for one of the two Asian Rooms will have the chance to solve the murder of an Asian businesswoman, while the European Rooms reveal the story of a murdered English tourist. A third new story known as Bangkok Bomb has recently been added and takes players into a local shopping centre to diffuse and bomb and catch the bomber before the entire city is destroyed.

Groups of two to five players can take part in these exciting games and the Escape Hunt experience is open to people of all ages. The Escape Hunt adventure is a closely guarded secret and people who want to know the exact details will have to sign up to uncover the mystery. However, it can be revealed that while the game is not physically demanding, players will need nerves of steel to good observation skills to find the clues they need to solve the mystery. The resident Game Master is also on hand to offer advice and extra clues if needed.

Enjoy the Escape Hunt Experience!

Opened its doors in July 2013, this adventure is quickly becoming one of the most popular attractions in Bangkok. People who love solving puzzles are sure to take to the game straight away and booking a game in one of the Escape Hunt rooms is the perfect way to celebrate a special occasion such as a birthday or an anniversary.

At the end of the game, players also have the chance to dress up in period costumes and pose for photographs. Whether you are a Bangkok expat who is looking for something new to do in the city or just passing through, playing one of the vibrant games at the Escape Hunt Experience is sure to be a memorable experience.

Escape Hunt is situated at the 21 Citibank Tower in the Asoke district of Bangkok. The attraction is open every day of the week and the first game starts at 10:00, while the last game of the day starts at 19:00. People who wish to take part in the Escape Hunt Experience will need to book in advance and it is important to arrive on time as all games run on a strict timetable.

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