2 parts restaurant, 3 parts beer house, and 1 part nightclub, the Tawandang German Brewery is a legend on the Bangkok drinking, dancing, and eating scenes. This innovative German/Asian microbrewery is a fascinating mix of spicy Thai cuisine, malty German beer, and whacky live entertainment.

The true beer house allure.

The main drinking and dining area is in the huge German style beer hall, with over 500 seats, a large team of attentive staff, and a stage hosting nightly entertainment. Despite the mass of space and seating the place is regularly packed out, especially popular with Thais from the Isaan region.

Such is the noise and chaos generated by the masses, this is no place for a romantic date or any level of sophistication. In true beer house style, a night at Tawangang is best enjoyed with a large group of fun-loving friends or family, to sing, drink, and dance into the night with.

Great place for German beers lovers.

Tawandang guarantees that all of their beers are original German beers, brewed using high quality ingredients, all imported from Germany, with the entire brewing process overseen by the experienced professional brew master in residence.

As a result Tawandang serve 3 signature brews; the Pilsner, a golden coloured larger, and by far the most popular, the Weizan beer, made with malted barley and aroma hops, their strongest beer at 5.5% alcohol, and the Dunkel Beer, a black beer with a sweet taste. All the beers are served in teasing 0.3L glass up to huge party style 3L beer towers.

This bar is said to be the first restaurant in Bangkok to introduce Euro/Asian dining and entertainment experience, serving authentic German beer accompanied by contemporary Thai cuisine.

Enjoying the wide selection of food.

The menu is pretty extensive, and although this is first and foremost a microbrewery, Tawandang put a lot of focus on their large menu of spicy Thai plates, many of which are specifically created to complement their homebrewed beers.

Though the menu does include a number of European dishes and imported German sausage, it’s the spicy Thai dishes that best accompany the cold lager and beers, with plates such as the pla kra pong nung ma nao (seabass steamed in spicy lime), and the kang lueng lai bua (spicy yellow curry with seabass), going particularly well with the Weizan and Dunkel beers.

Come expecting a good feed up, as in beer house style the portions here are usually pretty big, and great for sharing.

Prepare for some typical Thai stage shows.

Though they do have lots of music acts on stage, this is more an Isaan style stage show, with lots of chaotic dancing, loud instruments, and melodramatic country singing/screaming. Less about art and musical talents, more about noisy music and bizarre stage acts, which I have to admit, can actually be very entertaining.

A mini-trek away from downtown Bangkok, Tawandang’s main Rama 3 location can be found down by the Chao Phraya riverside in Yannawa, a short taxi ride from the Chong Nonsi BTS station.

By Kim Loe

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