I’m no stranger to Spanky’s A Go Go Bar, I’m not sure whether it’s the glow of the naughty neon characters lighting up the entrance, or the moans and groans of girls being spanked within, but I find it hard to pass through Nana Plaza without having at least one drink within this cheeky a go go.

The Power of Spanky’s

You could say Spanky’s is a medium sized gogo bar. Nana has some large ‘n’ long gogo venues, but also some rather tiny ones, but in terms of size Spanky’s sits somewhere in the middle. However, when it comes to reputation Spanky’s is without doubt one of the biggest. Now this is good and bad. Good because there are several reasons why it’s so popular, bad because as with its neighbour, Angel Witch, both bars seem to pack out close to midnight and you can often struggle to find a decent seat, especially on weekends.

Lingerie Lovers Will be Pleased

So what makes such a well liked Nana bar? Now while I witnessed several very attractive dancers, the stage can be over crowded at times, and it seems like these kind of bars have so many staff it’s never easy to keep everyone happy and in good spirits as all the times. Lingerie lovers will be pleased here, most nights the girls seemed to be donning high heels and stockings, however, what certainly does help this bar stand out from the crowd are the quality of the showgirls and the shows themselves.

Putting On a Great Show

Spanky’s isn’t the only gogo bar putting on nightly shows, but it is one of the best. The shows are well choreographed to include lots of fun and interaction with the audience, as well as some sexy and sensual moments, and of course plenty of spanking. As well as regular stage shows there is also a glass walled shower towards the back of the bar where showgirls take it in turns to lather up, tease and flirt with the customers, which seems to go down very well.

The bar itself is fairly standard in terms of style and decor. Soft rows of seating against the walls, running two rows deep, which leaves everyone with a good view of the stage/girls. The walls are mostly mirrored, and there is lots of red lighting, which actually creates a kind of seedy feel – not that I really minded, in fact it kind of adds to the raunchy vibe.

For the Naughty Ones

Drinks and bar fines are also fairly standard, beers always tend to come in under 150 Baht, while lady drinks are 150 Baht and standard bar fines 600 Baht, which seems pretty much in line with the vast majority of go go’s here. Spanky’s isn’t the most homely bar, it’s not somewhere you’d come with friends and colleagues to hangout and chat, that’s not the name of the game here. It’s about ogling and flirting with scantily clad young girls, drink cold beers and watching the naughty shows, and it’s about spanking, bottom smacking, and good old-fashioned butt whipping!