As you wander around the streets of Bangkok, you cannot help notice the large number of stray dogs that are wandering around. The dogs are often sick and underfed and are referred to as soi dogs. These animals often end up on the streets because they were abandoned by their owners when they became too large for their apartments or because they were no longer considered to be ‘cute’. There are thousands of stray dogs in Bangkok as well as other parts of Thailand, and the numbers continue to grow.

Fortunately, there is a group of people who have dedicated their lives to caring for Bangkok’s stray dogs. They often take sick and undernourished dogs off the streets, providing medical care for them and a safe place for these animals to live. This group is called the Soi Dog Foundation and was set up by John and Gill Dalley. The foundation was originally established in Phuket and so far thousands of dogs have been sterilised, treated for injuries and illnesses and been provided with loving homes.

The Bangkok branch of the Soi Dog Foundation was established just a couple of years ago and has already helped thousands of neglected and abused cats throughout the city. The organisation aims to set an example in Asia on how to humanely reduce the currently overwhelming number of unwanted dogs and cats through neutering and spaying, while improving the lives and living conditions of local stray dogs and cats.

In addition to providing shelter for abandoned animals, the team of qualified vets that volunteer at the Soi Dog Foundation supply emergency and ongoing veterinary treatment. Volunteers also visit local temples as well as other parts of Bangkok to feed the city’s stray dogs and cats.

The Soi Dog Foundation is a not-for-profit charitable organisation that is legally registered in Thailand, the UK, France, the United States, Australia and Holland. The organisation is supported by people all over the world who provide financial support as well as volunteering their time to help care for these animals.

There are a large number of dogs and cats currently available for adoption through the Soi Dog Foundation. These animals have already been medically treated and given a full range of injections to ensure that they remain healthy. People who are unable to provide a home for one of these animals can also supply much needed help by sponsoring them. As with any charitable organisation, the Soi Dog Foundation relies on contributions and donations, and veterinary supplies are always welcome.

Volunteers are needed to spend time with the animals at the Soi Dog Foundation and interact with them as well as cleaning up after them, feeding them and taking them for walks. Because many of the animals that the organisation cares for have been previously abused, it is often difficult for them to trusts humans, so they need as much caring human interaction as possible. Many of these animals have never lived indoors, so they also need house training before they are ready for adoption.

To find out more about the Soi Dog Foundation and how you can help, visit People who are interested in volunteering can send an email to

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