If you want to keep cool in the capital while letting off a little steam, head on over to Siam Park City. This colourful amusement park covers 120 acres and is situated on Sukhaphiban 2 Road, near Suvarnabhumi Airport.

The entrance to Siam Park City takes the shape of a large pink castle. The drawbridge is lowered and visitors walk through to purchase their tickets. Siam Park City is known as Suan Siam in Thai and the first impression as you walk through the entrance is complete sensory overload. There are flashing lights and loud sounds everywhere, while huge mechanical puppets loom above visitors, their arms and legs moving menacingly.

Siam Park City features a number of wild rides including a large Viking Ship. This ride whisks people up into the air before plunging them backwards and forwards at a dizzying pace. The theme park also features plenty of other rides for thrill seekers to enjoy such as several different rollercoasters and a train that runs on an aerial track, offering impressive views of the entire theme park.

However, the main feature of Siam City Park is a large water park, which features a number of gigantic water slides, water pools to splash around in and other types of aquatic attractions. There are plenty of places to play in the water park. There is a water channel flowing around the park and you can hire tubes to float around it, or play in the many fountains, waterfalls and Jacuzzis. Another large pool has been turned into an artificial seaside, complete with wave machine, lighthouse and deckchairs to relax in while you soak up the sun.

Swimming trunks and suits are available to rent at the water park and there are also lockers and changing rooms. A large cafeteria also serves up a range of Thai and Western snacks and light meals so that people can enjoy lunch on the ‘beach’.


Siam Park City has plenty of other surprises that are just waiting to be discovered by visitors. The cheap and cheerful dinosaur museum known as Dinotopia has to be one of the weirdest attractions of all, as it comes complete with gaudy montages depicting dinosaurs as they might possibly have looked when they roamed the earth. The sight of these mechanized beasts creaking and squeaking next to papier mâche volcanoes is funny rather than scary, but bizarrely entertaining nevertheless.

Near to Dinotopia is the African Adventure boat ride. This slightly rundown ride takes passengers through a recreation of the jungles of Africa, complete with wildlife such as hippos and elephants. The Vortex rollercoaster is one of the park’s star attractions. This gigantic orange structure is 33 meters high and twists and spirals for an impressive 765 meters. Adrenaline junkies will definitely be able to get their fix here, as the train hurtles around the track at an incredible 80 kilometres an hour.

Siam Siam Park City is open every day from 10am until 6pm. There are a range of different types of tickets available, including 200 baht tickets that cover entry to the water park alone and tickets that include all rides. The theme park truly has something for everyone, including those who have a love for papier mâche dinosaurs!

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