Get a crash course in Thai history at the Siam Niramit Show. This spectacular stage show manages to cover seven hundred years of Thai history into 90 exciting minutes while doing it in a fun and informative way.

The Siam Niramit compound is as epic as the tale that is told there and includes a miniature Thai village and the impressive Ratchada Theatre, which is large enough to seat two thousand people. The entire compound is decorated in traditional Thai style and comes complete with small gazebos that are known as known as salas in Thai and Kinnaree sculptures. Before the show, visitors will have the opportunity to feed elephants and take pictures of the show’s cast while the band play Thai music in the background.

It is worth arriving at Siam Niramit early, as there are plenty to do. The compound alone is a tourist attraction in itself, and visitors will be able to have fun snapping shots of themselves and their friends posing in various different areas. Performers can often be found entertaining visitors before the show with special song and dance performances as well.

Stepping inside the Ratchada Theatre is an awe-inspiring experience. The theatre boasts the world’s highest stage, which is large enough to present the elaborate sets and a large cast that comprises of talented Thai performers as well as a whole host of goats and elephants. Unlike many theatres, the stage here is panoramic, which gives the audience a complete view of the action as it unfolds before them. Visitors are show to seats that surround the entire stage. The performers make sure that they turn regularly so that the entire audience can get the most out of this unique show.

The audience is treated to three acts; Journey Back into History, Journey Beyond Imagination: The Three Realms and Journey Through Joyous Festivals. As the lights dim the beat of the victory drum or klong sabatchai fills the theatre. The stage then comes to life to present a scene from the ancient kingdom of Lanna, complete with an elegant royal procession.

Among the many highlights of this richly diverse show are a shadow puppet performance, the vibrant nora dance, a trip along a specially recreated river and spectacular special effects that include realistic rainfall as well as thunder and lightning.

The great thing about the Siam Niramit show is that it has something for everyone. The kids are sure to be entertained by the sheer scale of the show and the colourful sets, while adults can gain a real insight into the Kingdom of Thailand.

Visitors to Siam Niramit can make a special evening of the occasion by enjoying a meal in the onsite Sawasdee Restaurant before they see the show. This excellent restaurant serves a delicious range of Thai dishes that are sure to satisfy.

Siam Niramit can be found on Tiamruammit Road, which is located opposite Thailand Cultural Centre MRT station. Doors open at 17:30 each evening, while the show starts at 20:00.

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