It is a club venue that has made its presence felt for the past 14 years and it stood alone in a dingy little corner of Sukhumvit  Soi 11 and gained its notoriety through the years of spectacular events and shows and it was the only club venue that opened its doors to the public’s attention at the time and became the Bangkok’s “it” spot and boasts it was once frequented by the Hollywood’s A-Lister’s and famous rock stars and Hip Hop artists from Ice T to Mick Jagger, Matt Dillion and Collin Farrell. This is Q Bar, once an old house that transformed in to Thailand’s famous club venue, which is well recognized all around the globe.

Follow the leader.

For many years Q Bar took on role of a leadership amongst its opponents venues and lived up to it’s reputation but as time took its toll so did the popularity of Q Bar, holding on to a once glorious memory of its hay days, Q Bar management is looking to make a comeback and once again take hold of its reign. Thus this fighting spirit I greatly admire, the question is, can the Q Bar again rise to the top of its once held Championship crown? My answer is YES.

The few times I’ve frequented at Q Bar, I can see why so many people love this place. Q Bar’s strange and unique arrangements is erected on two main levels, the ground level is distinctly built to attract young adults. The 2nd level is built to match with a cosmopolitan image with the perfect stage lighting to set the mood as it invites the open air where guests are allowed to smoke, makes it all the more inviting and it gives you a spectacular 360 degree view of the entire upper lounge and it’s a beauty of a thing.

Going into Qbar.

Decorated with the floating velvet flat sofas and lounge chairs, ads more comfort to its atmosphere. The one thing that seems to be out of its place is the tree house, connected by a gap of a bridge it’s looks the shape of a giant pumpkin and inside is a single wooden table, same ones you see in the parks, and few wooden chairs on each side, which gives its privacy. Nonetheless, Q Up is more than impressive and the Q Bar management has absolutely out done their job to make such an environment that shows off its beauty.

To enter Q bar, there is a small entrance where the security and the hostess greet the customers and as you step right in you are standing around in a guest waiting room with a small bar and funky customized chairs and sofas. Somehow it makes you feel “ Ok, this isn’t the room I want to be in” as it is a guest waiting room but it could use a facelift to make it more warm and welcoming. Immediately to the left hand side of the bar is the dance floor but it’s sealed off by a door, the door is there to full proof the noise from escaping as I was told that the neighbors will complain and to avoid any unnecessary trouble by the local police and by this I presumed that it is a perfect concept. After all, the ground level is built to attract the young adults who are out for a wild and a crazy night of drink, dance, drunk.

‘ The DJ doghouse’

In every club venue where people dance, the real hero of the night should be the DJ, but in this case, the cocktail bar plays the main role. The door opens to a small room that is considered the dance floor but it feels cluttered and most part avoidable. In this room, two things mainly stabs you in the eye, the cocktail bar and a wooden box which reminded me of a gigantic dog house and this is where the DJ does his magic. Compare to most of clubs which I’ve frequented this is one room Gordon Ramsay might quote “I act on impulse and I act on instincts and this room needs a makeover.”  The room itself looks like someone had run out of time and just put pieces together in a hurry and the end result was nothing impressive but a dull atmosphere which the energetic patron make up for it. All in all it is not a failure, if you want to avoid the dance floor then you can find your way into Le Derriere.

‘Checking out Le Derriere’

Le Derriere is a classic cigar room with a custom built zinc bar that takes on a manly bar presence as Le Derriere is the only room in Q Bar that serves different alcohol contents of absinthe as well as other alcohol beverage selections.  Le Derriere has been reconstructed from its original foundation then later decorated with an authentic 1920’s French palace antics. Le Derriere is a room to die for and it’s a wet dream for all Vampire lovers and Gothic fans from all around the world. Le Derriere maintains its look of renaissance with an authentic 1920’s murals that canvases the walls of the entire Le Derriere room and as the reflection from the hanging lamp lights from above hits its surface the murals it seems to be more defined and it seems to breathe life as the red velvet sofas and its matching chairs with cherry oak frames that sits on a beautifully designed checker floors makes it all the more intriguing and entices you to stay.

It’s all about being fair.

David Jacobson, founder and co-owner of Q Bar comments that Q Bar has the biggest and the best alcohol selections over all comparison to all the club venues exists in Thailand. Toby Rennings is the current Entertainment Manager of Q Bar and Keoma Intravaia is the Beverage Manager & Mixologist who runs back and forth from Eclipse to Bash and Q Bar both commented “Our style matches more with American style than anywhere else and it is fair to say that our selections of alcohol beverages can’t be compared with any other clubs ‘coz we are fair.” To simply translate what Toby is saying, many clubs water down their alcohols with a special liquid that taste similar with the mix then are sold to their customers. Q Bar having the biggest selections of ever alcohol beverage you can imagine it is also fair to say that I strongly agree with their comments

Every club has their ups and downs, but as to most bars they had no choice but shut their doors and watch the succession of other club venues stride on. It is of my opinion, Q Bar will find its answer and keep its doors open for many years to come.

By Sean Young.

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