Koh Larn is a great place to spend a few days while soaking up the sun on the beach. This tiny tropical island is just four kilometres long and two kilometres wide and is situated seven kilometres from the coast of Pattaya. While the heart of the island is covered with mountainous terrain and forests, the coast features several pretty sandy beaches.

Narrow roads lead the way between the main beaches on Koh Larn and can be covered by motorbike or bicycle. There are plenty of motorbike taxis to be found on the island, especially near the pier, while visitors can also choose to hike a motorbike or a bicycle for just a few baht. However, the beauty of Koh Larn is that it is small enough to cover on foot, which makes exploring paradise easy.

There are six main beaches on Koh Larn that feature pure white sand and are lapped by clear azure water. Samae Beach is the island’s most popular stretch of sand and extends for some six hundred metres. This beach is lined with a collection of five restaurants and fifteen bungalows, while Tawaen Beach stretches for 685 metres and offers twenty five different restaurants to choose from. Other beaches that are just waiting to be enjoyed include Tien, Naul, Tonglang and Tayaiy Beach and it is just a short walk from each of these beaches to the next.


Sun bathing and swimming are by far the most popular daytime activities among visitors to Koh Larn. This is the perfect place to simply spread out on the sand and unwind for a while. The restaurants and resorts that line the main beaches deliver food and drinks directly to sun loungers, meaning that visitors hardly have to move a muscle if they wish. However, those who like to be active while they relax will be able to take part in a number of aquatic activities such as parasailing, jet skiing and swimming.

There are several beach bars to be found on Koh Larn, and these are great places to relax with a cocktail or two while admiring the scenery. Although the nightlife scene is not as colourful here as on many of Thailand’s islands, this is all part of Koh Larn’s charm. People who want to let their hair down can take a quick trip over to Pattaya or head back to Bangkok to enjoy the city’s richly varied nightlife scene.

The great thing about Koh Larn is that it is so close to Bangkok that city slickers can visit paradise whenever they choose. Mini buses run every day of the week from various stands at Victory Monument and it takes just two hours to reach Pattaya.

The Koh Larn ferry runs from Bali Hai Pier on the outskirts of Pattaya to both Twaen Beach and Naban port and costs just 30 baht. The trip to Koh Larn from Bali Hai pier takes around half an hour and the ferry runs regularly throughout the day. People who don’t want to wait for the public ferry can also reach Koh Larn by speedboat. A number of speed boat operators can be found on Beach Road in Pattaya and private hire costs around 2,000 Baht.

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