Thong Lor has of course been long known as being a popular area for those who enjoy a night out, with seemingly more and more trendy cafes, bars and restaurants opening every month.

As it is located in the Liberty Plaza Building on Thong Lor this club is not the easiest to find but keep heading towards the khlong just prior to Phetchaburi Road and you will be glad you took that bit of extra time. Once you get closer, you should be able to follow the music to the venue!

Wip 168 is a popular, underground club that I highly recommend that you check out. It is easily accessible by catching the BTS to Thong Lor, leaving via exit 3 and is then just a short taxi or motor cycle ride away, for those who are not fans of walking along Bangkok’s pavements when dressed in best night gear!

The décor inside is very elaborate: lavish opulent red seats, heavy dark drapes, glittery and sparkly chandeliers and Roman style artwork covers the ceiling. It feels very old style glamorous and makes a nice change to a lot of the large venues open around Bangkok. It is a fabulous place to end a night in Thong Lor. Shisha is available and helps form a smoky atmosphere that seems in line with the ambience the club is trying to create.

The venue is very small and dark with neon flashing lights. Plus, in what must be close to being a rarity in Bangkok, cameras are not permitted. I have to be honest I saw a few sneaky clubbers taking a few selfies when they thought they were not being watched, but bags are checked upon entry, and I did see security have a word with some girls about their use of smartphones prompting them to go quickly back into bags!

Wip 168 caters towards the young Thai hip-hop and hi so crowd, although it is slowly becoming more and more popular with expats. The club opens at midnight but on the evening I visited it only really started to come alive around 2am (which seems to be a bit of a recurring theme with Bangkok clubs) when the other nearby bars start to close. However after 2am it got really busy – the club does have some booths/tables but these usually need to be reserved in advance. I recommend you do so if you want to be guaranteed a seat.

Closing times varies but is usually around 4.30-5.30am – it’s best to check with the door when you get there because everyone you ask once in the club, will simply give you a different answer.

Music wise, it is nice to see that the club is keen to support and showcase the talents of local DJs who tend to stick to hip-hop tunes with a little bit of dance music added for good measure – very reminiscent to one of Bangkok’s other top nightspots, Route 66.

My friend and I enjoyed our night. I wasn’t a fan of all of the smoke, but I accept it contributes towards the ambience the club is striving for.  Although smaller than other venues, I liked it, and thought a good range of music was played. The DJ was also very accommodating to our music requests – although be sensible and make sure that any are in line with the types of tune being played that night.

Keep an eye on their Facebook page as well as Wip 168 like to host themed nights such as black/white dress code or Harlem shake parties which add that little bit extra of fun to an already enjoyable night out.

The entry fee is 200 baht but in return you will receive either two mixed drinks or one Singha. Bottles of whiskey start at 2000 baht (the bar try and persuade customers to buy bottles but stay firm if you would prefer not too) and bottles of beer are around 250 baht (all the typical brands are available) which is more than reasonable for a club and where it is located.

Dress code is smart so make sure you dress to impress– no flip flops/sportswear/shorts will be allowed entry.

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