How to have a great night in Bangkok for under 1,000 Baht? Bangkok is a great place to party and there are numerous great bars and clubs to be found scattered all over the city. However, with the price of drinks and club admissions on the rise, it is easy to spend a fortune on a night out on the town before you know it. People who are a tight budget can still enjoy a great night out for 1,000 Baht or less, provided they take advantage of a few deals and discounts.

Ladies Nights
A large number of bars and clubs offer free drinks for ladies on certain nights of the week. These deals often run for two or three hours and are a good way to get drunk for free.

Take Advantage of Drink Deals
Some venues offer unlimited drinks all evening for a set price, which is usually around 600 or 700 Baht. If you have a real thirst on and plan on staying in the same venue all evening, this can be a great deal. Some of the special offers that are just waiting to be enjoyed include restaurants that offer free flow wine along with a buffet for a few hundred Baht, free flow champagne and dinner buffets in some of the city’s most luxurious hotels.

Special Nights
There is so much competition between venues in Bangkok that most of the clubs and bars offer various different deals on certain nights of the week. Simply by doing a little research, you may be able to enjoy free or heavily discounted drinks on virtually any night of the week. Many bars and clubs offer free food and drinks when they first launch, while other venues celebrate anniversaries and other occasions by offering free food and drink. Alcohol and catering companies also get in on the action by using venues to launch their products and handing out free samples throughout the evening. Also look out for networking evenings where tickets are sold and then free food and drink is provided. Even if networking isn’t your thing, you can still take advantage of free food and drinks while spending the evening with your friends.

Arrive Early
Most of the clubs in Bangkok offer free entry and drinks deals before 22:00 to kick things off. Some establishments also offer free bottles of alcohol to groups of people provided that they buy mixers. Gather together a group of your favourite party people to take advantage of this great deal.

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