Neur Pun Saparod or Grilled Beef Wrapped in Pineapple Bites is almost the same with Bacon wrapped in Pineapple Bites, a popular appetizer. But instead of the usual bacon, Grilled Beef is used. Another sweet, salty and savory flavor juicy appetizers of Kinnaree.


  • Beef Broth – 15 g
  • Beef – 5 pcs
  • Pineapple Sticks – 5 pcs

Ingredients Sauce

  • Red chilli – 10g
  • Coriander – 50g
  • Garlic – 80g
  • Granulated sugar – 150g
  • Pickled garlic – 150g
  • Pickled garlic – 100g
  • Lemon juice – 200g
  • Fish sauce – 200g


  • Marinade Beef in Beef Broth for about an hour.
  • Prepare the seafood sauce buy mixing them all together.
  • Wrap the marinated beef around the pineapple stick, then roast until the beef is medium well.
  • Serve with seafood sauce.

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