NARZ, formerly known as NARCISSUS club, stands on its own at an alley ways behind the Sukhumvit Soi 23, which nearly makes it harder to locate if you are a tourist or a first time visitor, but if you are living in Bangkok, then in due time, NARZ is merely a drive away. Though the name itself might sound Gothic or Punkish, NARZ is anything but either.

An impressive stature with an image of a Hollywood’s mansion like presence, at my very first visit to NARZ, these thoughts came into my mind. Though NARZ is a well known night spot for both the expats and its local club goers in its past, it somehow dawned upon me; NARZ would make an ideal location for a beautiful wedding or a place where the parents can rent it out for their ever so maturing young teen adult’s and throw a perfect Sweet Sixteen parties or even bar b q fiesta would much more fit the bill than being a club, but it is what it is, NARZ is a club that is slowly fading into the background of other up & coming club venues and very well possibly maybe shutting their doors near future.

From all the articles about NARZ I’ve read, it is much in comparison to my personal article, the doubt of their staying power which deeply lurked in the faces of the NARZ management, with a realization they knew that NARZ needed a new look from the old, so there forth restructured new name, NARZ, from the old, NARCISSUS, as the old saying goes, what’s in a name? For NARZ, very well might be everything.


NARZ is broken down to three major areas with names which rather cliché more than anything that has to do with its venue but I will give it an E for effort. The ground level, NARCISSUS Room, is where you pay the entrance fee of 400 THB which comes with two drinks and then after you are welcomed into NARZ Room, which is the main ground floor with tiny bar to the side and the DJ booth which faces the audience from the front.

Surprisingly, on my first visit to NARZ, which was 1am on a Saturday night, it was quite empty and the attendees were mainly the local Thai University students and very few expats. As big and spacious NARZ is, it wasn’t as lively as I expected. So I took a tour around its domains and came to realize, I might just be at another typical Thai club with the typical Thai owners and managements.

Zealot Room

Or the Hip Hop room is amazingly built for comfort and it presents itself more or less like a cabaret show case room or a theatre like atmosphere. But I will admit that it is a room, even Tony Montana of Scarface, couldn’t resist. Yes, it is a room to die for, even for a perfect room where you can pass out and take a nap, if you’ve drank more than what you might of thought to handle while all your friends are still in the NARZ ground level celebrating their night out. The huge sofas overlooking the dance floor and the round tables, much like a cheap imitation and a smaller version of King Arthurs’s Knight of the round table, it is a caricature of the Lancelot and you may too dub yourself an ancient name for the time of your presence in Zealot.

Ripp Room

Finally, to conclude my evening at NARZ, my BFF TJ took me into a room called Ripp. Now when you hear the words such as the name that has been dubbed as Ripp Room, these two things comes to mind, you’ve either sat too hard and ripped your jeans or a fitness center where huge men with bodies of an armor truck is ripped with muscles, in this case the name which dubbed Ripp Room is far from the truth. Strangely, Ripp Room feels nothing like the NARZ Room or Zealot, its atmosphere is dense and intense, with aloof vibe and much like an old salon with a small stage where the local musicians play the cover tunes, in my opinion, Ripp Room should have been called Harper Valley PTA, where only the women can enter all exception of the employees of NARZ, it really felt like a private room where men were not welcomed and I distinctly felt their sore eyes piercing into mine and telepathically sending a question to my foresight, “Why are you in here?”

So, here you have it, as much as I would love to continue writing about my one strange and uneventful evening at NARZ, I’ve came to a final conclusion, that NARZ isn’t a club where I’d ever want to return. Not to discredit NARZ presence and atmosphere, but I’d much prefer my evening partying at Bash or Levels and Q Bar and I owe no apologies to NARZ.

By Sean Jei Young

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