Monsoon Restaurant is like seeing an old friend from home. You know you’re going to have a great time, and the fun will go on all night. I know that this is a cheesy analogy but I really feel this way. I feel that working in the Hospitality field for over twenty years has given me a little extra insight working in and around the Nana area for the past few years, you begin to gravitate towards your favorite spots.

Just minutes from the BTS Nana station, Monsoon is in a perfect location in the heart of Sukhumvit. Sukhumvit Soi 8 offers a lot of interesting choices, and there are no shortage of bars, pubs, and restaurants.

Getting to know ‘Monsoon’

Coming from America, you really start to miss the food you grew up with. As much as I dream of cheeseburgers, pizza, great the certain places that you always gravitate to for a great meal. After endless Thai food for day after day, you start to dream about cheeseburgers and other comfort foods. This is one of the reasons why Monsoon Café and Restaurant attracts me. No matter if it’s day or night, this place is always hopping. There are many choices when you’re on Soi 8 but none, I think, Monsoon gives you such an all arouse a bustling and stylish bistro tucked away on Sukhumvit Soi 8.  Located in the heart of Sukhumvit, Monsoon offers something for everyone. Unlike most of the other restaurants in the area, Monsoon mixes color and style with a wide range of menu items and drink specials. A five-minute walk from the Nana BTS station, Monsoon proves to be popular with expats, tourists and locals. It’s not easy to find a restaurant that seems to do so much, but do it right. The restaurant’s atmosphere is casual creating a great mix of people. You can relax outdoors in an oversized lounge chair, or sit inside for a more traditional experience. Sitting on the deck gives you the feeling of sitting at a cafe/bistro by the beach. You can sit and relax with friends, or sip a drink and watch the hundred’s of people walk by every hour. There are drink specials every day to tempt you, and the outside deck is a great place to get together with friends. The relaxed atmosphere is perfect for breakfast, lunch, a business meeting, or romantic evening with someone special.

Relaxed atmosphere

Monsoon’s offers a beautiful Tiki Bar with deck for a great meeting place after work. Those looking for respite from the heat of the day – or night – will appreciate the fully stocked bar, boasting a comprehensive selections of wines, spirits, cocktails and beers, together with coffees, teas and fresh tropical fruit juice. This full service bar is equipped to handle any drink you can think of. The twelve seat bar and patio deck gives guests a casual place to meet for drinks after work. The dark wood of the bar and deck blends perfectly with the casual makeup of Monsoon Restaurant. There are splashes of red and black making the colors look sharp in contrast. It’s very relaxing at any time of the day. When you think of service in Thailand, it usually comes in waves of people. Not one server, but someone always standing behind you. You can sometimes get that creepy feeling of being watched. This is not the case at Monsoon. There is plenty of staff on hand to give you prompt and efficient service without interrupting your experience. The staff is right there to adjust an umbrella, refill a drink, or just to chat.  That’s what you want from your staff in hospitality. To be there, but not be there at the same time. It’s a fantastic spot to enjoy dinner, soak up the weather, people watch, and meet people from around the world.

A great hangout for every kind of situation

As soon as you arrive, the professional, friendly staff welcomes you. There you are given your choice of seating. You can relax in style on the cozy terrace, or sit inside the air-conditioned main dining room. While out on the terrace you can enjoy a romantic evening trying some of the great food and drinks. You can also chose to sit at the stylish outside bar and terrace while overlooking the action on Sukhumvit Soi 8. This has established the venue as a favorite spot for a coffee or drink with expats, tourists and locals alike. The scene is vibrant, so you can just sit and watch the people walk by with a cocktail in your hand. In the main dining room, there are tile floors, big shades and patio style windows.  Indoor dining offers air conditioning to save you from the Bangkok heat. Inside a tile floor carries on the Mediterranean feel and the wooden tables, central dessert fridge, as well as partly open plan kitchen area all serve well to carry Monsoon from the day to the evening. The dining room offers tables for large parties, dinner with close friends, or a romantic dinner for two. It gives off a more intimate setting with more traditional tables both large and small.

A lovely variety of good food

Monsoon offers a wide range of cuisine to suit all appetites and is priced very well for the area. You may order food for take-out or enjoy it in the comfortable and cozy surroundings. Monsoon’s unique menu is designed to give guests a lot of options. They offer Buffet dining for breakfast, and family style dining for lunch or dinner. This gives the guest the ability to sample several dishes all in one visit. Monsoon serves excellent Thai as well as Western food. This is not like other restaurants you find in the area. Most places keep adding items to the menu so they can compete in the marketplace. This creates a lot of dishes that are not prepared well. Monsoon is the opposite. It has feature items that are both Thai and Western favorites, and prepares them perfectly. There are Traditional main courses, Pizzas, Mexican, Burgers, and Salads. If you like Pizzas, they have the wood oven pizzas that really bring out the flavor. You can actually see the pizzas being prepared, cooked, and served right in front of you. The burgers make you think your back home at your favorite burger joint. They use quality beef with an excess of toppings makes your stomach growl for more. The quality of the Mexican food is top notch, with salsa and guacamole to make your mouth water. The Thai food is delicious. There are Thai favorites and also Thai fusion on the menu. The Thai food borders between authentic and touristic, but the flavor is sublime.  This gives the guest the option to choose, so the menu is extensive, but always satisfying. It’s difficult to go wrong here. Working in this area, there are few choices that give you the value and quality that Monsoon’s gives.

So when you are in the Nana area, stop by Soi 8 and visit Monsoon’s. You will probably see someone you know there. It’s the place to see people and be seen by them. Tell them we sent you.

By Kevin Harrington.

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