Lady’s & Gentlemen… Welcome to the club fight!!

It’s the old vs the new, for what it seems an ancient time Q Bar first opened its door to the public, this is that story of the David vs Goliath of the two neighboring clubs. Q Bar being the elder of the two, it certainly makes sense that Q bar pretty much represents David and Levels, the new Goliath of our modern time.

The Showdown

Q Bar in the past was a house, turned into a club, and its height is nowhere near comparison the 6 story elevated club of Levels. By this unexpected competition, Q Bar just maybe had to sweat it out and see how Levels presence might affect their business.  Although The Bed Supper Club should arise in this topic, it no longer matters because it has closed its doors last August 31st. As the two closest venues sing their battle hymn, which preludes their convictions and integrity of staying powerful. With the change of Q Bars management, it has been steadily making its comeback by structuring international DJ events and parties, but Levels is a club which presents itself to almost everyone who’s mainstream clubbers.

Levels Wins the Popularity Round

Both clubs, being so close to one another, it is Levels’ which foot stands before Q Bar and it offshoots the latters popularity very well. On the weekends it’s nearly impossible to miss Levels due to their long queue strategy, any passerby’s who’s making their way to Q bar might just want to stop in and check out what’s happening. Drink prices on both clubs are exactly the same and it really makes no difference how you want to spend your money on which drinks.

This is Q Bars one big disadvantage, although Q Bar does offer more wider range of alcoholic beverages, to the young, it makes no difference, as their character basis are better familiarized with what is the cheapest drink they can buy and don’t have to spend so much money but yet enjoy their night of clubbing.

Qbar’s Location is a Negative

Q Bar being the club that is towards the back and in the corner of Sukhumvit Soi 11, whereas the tourists might not know the existence of Q Bar, it is certain that they will find their way into Levels. Both clubs has its own welcoming atmosphere, but in my honest opinion, Levels is the most current and happening social outlet where today’s young and old sophisticates are more likely to embark. But not to disregard Q Bar, it is still well respected by anyone and everyone and who’s who of Thailand, and the reputation of Q Bar is worldly known to the biggest Hollywood stars to the Rock & Roll icons such as Mick Jagger.

The Final Round

Thus this brings me back to the finale of Levels vs Q Bar Club Fight! As everyone knows how the story of the David & Goliath ended, David being the victorious, it is safe to say that there is no real threat.Wherein Q bar shouldn’t worry about which club is better than the other, because to everyone who’s familiar with Q bar, they might say that Q Bar is one club that will continue to keep its doors open and remain a club which has earned its legendary status.

For Levels, yes it is new, and to all those who discovered Levels, to them it suits their needs and fits their trend, just like a new suit and a pair of shiny shoes but in due time, these things will wore and lose its luster for what it once was, but for now Level will hold its ground and shine on with its presence.

But the remaining question is… Will Levels be able to match the years, which Q Bar has notoriously put forth? My guess is as good as any ones guesses. What’s yours anyway?

By Sean Jei Young

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