In the midst of Bangkok’s coolest and most thriving nightlife areas, Levels Club is situated at the top of a building, overlooking Sukhumvit Soi 11 and parts of the surrounding skyline. Many people turn up not only to attend various events spearheaded by international popular international DJ’s, but for desire of a modern, trendy hangout for some of Bangkok’s high flyers. Taking with you a few thousand Baht is something of a requirement, as it can end up being a costly night (as I found out myself).

Class comes with a price.

I entered via an elevator, which led me up to the outside terrace. Here, I sensed a less club-like feel and more of a casual champagne drinking atmosphere, a place to indulge in the moment. This, to me was a pleasant change from the usual way of entering a club and being sent straight into the action and intense affect of strobe lights and booming music.

Around the reasonably well sized terrace are tables to sit or stand at and even soft seats piled with cushions at the balcony end. Here you can lie back and soak up the city lights; Perfect for those who appreciate a decent city view with a mind numbing drink in one hand. There is a large bar on the terrace for those who choose to get a little on the tipsy side before entering through the large glass doors.
Being such a modern and suave place, I was not shocked to discover the drinks were tipping to the high end of the price scale. Still, you get what you pay for and this is a hardly a low end place to visit.

A very well designed room, without overdoing it.

Going inside, I entered the main lounge room.  It is a tall area with a small top floor overlooking it. Neon lights blend in with the surrounding curves of the room, yet not too much to make it appear overdone or tacky.
The room is well designed, with tables and chairs at either side, tucked out of the way of the dance-floor action. In the centre of it all is a trendy rounded bar, with a kind of disco-chandelier looming over it.  The room bares a cool open feel, adding to the roof-top theme. Situated in one corner is a second, smaller bar, for those who would prefer to stay away from the crowded centre.

At the back, you find the stairs which climb up to toilets and the second level linking up to the lounge area. This part has yet another bar. It’s safe to say there is certainly no lack of areas to buy drinks throughout the club…Heading back down, you will also find the entrance to the main clubbing experience of Levels, where a dimly lit passage leads to the room. This is the place to head at late hours, for when you feel it’s time to lose yourself on the dance floor. It’s mainly focused on electro/house and often hosts popular live DJ’s.

Levels does a good job keeping the good vibes.

To sum it up, it’s certainly quite the opposite of a club you’d find on Khao San, for example. It presents a much smarter and trendier image (No entering without closed shoes!) However I still felt the club’s crowd was warm, without sensing any high class personas buzzing in the air. Most groups of people seen are Western expats living and working in the city, as well as a large number of middle to high-class Thai’s.
Given that entrance is free and there are often good events to attend, I believe it’s a place well worth checking out if you’re looking for a good night out along Sukhumvit.

By Kevin Harrington.

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