Jeff ChapellJeff Chappell has spent the better part of two decades working as a journalist in various guises, fashioning a writing career in both online and print media that spans both daily and weekly newspapers to online, high-tech trade publications. Full-time, freelance, contract — even a stint in public relations and marketing.

Name a subject, he’s probably written about it at one time or another. Local government? Endangered species? Invasive species? Modern midwifery? Sports? Theater and movie reviews? Rural homelessness? World’s largest collection of four-leaf clovers? Fortune 500 companies? Ice breaking maneuvers with the Coast Guard on the Great Lakes? Wall Street? Semiconductors? The Black Panthers? GPS? The answer is “yes” to all.

Early in the course of this new century was a casualty of the violent crash at the intersection of print journalism and the Internet. But like a high-tech phoenix he rose from the ashes (because he likes to eat) and made the transition from crotchety, old-school journalism to the Brave New World online.

Is he a writer? Journalist? Editor? Content provider? Depends on whom one asks.

E-mail newsletters, websites, HTML, PHP, corporate content management systems (CMS), Drupal, WordPress, blogging and search engine optimization (SEO) — he’s had to learn them all, to one degree or another and often times on the fly. These days as a freelance writer and web editor he is frequently concerned with the finer points of WordPress and PHP as much as those of grammar and journalism.

But such is life in the Information Age.

When not working Jeff often still doesn’t get away from the keyboard because he’s often writing on my personal blogs or otherwise writing creatively, tinkering with websites, editing photos, playing video games or experimenting with 3D rendering.

When he does actually tear himself away from the keyboard, you might find him out exploring his new home here, with his camera in tow, of course — photography is another passion of his. Or he might just be just relaxing in a cafe or coffee shop, either with a good book or friends.