Flow House has got to one of the coolest places in Bangkok to hangout for people who enjoy messing about in the water. This vibrant entertainment venue features a simulated wave surfing machine where visitors can ride the waves on a special type of boogyboard that the establishment has nicknamed a ‘flowboard’.

Flow House opened its door to the public in 2012 and is a popular venue with people of all ages and from all walks of life. Even people who are new to surfing will be able to pick up skills and have fun, as one-on-one tuition is provided by Flow House’s fully qualified instructors. Ropes on the side of the wave machine provide a little extra support if needed, while experienced surfers will really be able to show off their skills and look cool while riding the waves.

Sit and Chill

The funky background music that Flow House pumps out is sure to put surfers in the mood, while there are plenty of places to sit and chill out while waving to take to the water. The venue has been created in a beach theme and features large picnic-style tables where people who don’t want to get wet can simply chill out and watch the fun.

Watching the action can be just as much fun as taking part, as people can admire the style of experienced surfers and laugh along with those that have more courage than skill as they plunge into the waves time and time again. People who want to get in a little practice before they show off their skills in front of all their friends can sign up for private lessons at the surf school. This special training centre is also operated by Flow House and Bangkok’s one and only surf school.

Celebrate with the Wave

Flow House is the first venue of its kind in Southeast Asia and the establishment is perfect for private parties. People who choose to book this venue to celebrate a special occasion will be treated to unlimited time on the waves, as well as plenty of additional extras and first rate service provided by Flow House’s English speaking staff.

People who have worked up an appetite by riding the waves will be able to indulge in a delicious all-you-can-eat barbecue served up by the onsite restaurant. Hungry visitors can take their pick from a large selection of prime cuts of meat as well as gourmet sausages, salad and potatoes, while the barbecue buffet also includes a choice of beer or cool cocktails.

Maverick’s Bar

The second floor of the venue is home to Maverick’s Bar. This is another great place to unwind for a while and the outdoor seating area offers excellent views of the aquatic action below. Maverick’s Bar offers an excellent selection of beers and spirits from around the world and people who love listening to rock music in stylish settings will fit right in here.

Flow House is open each day from early in the morning until midnight, and this is a great place to take a date in the evening if you want to create a lasting impression or simply hang out with friends. The venue is situated at A Square just opposite K Village at the end of Sukhumvit soi 26.

By Kirsty Turner

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