If you are looking for something fun to do in the evening and want to take a break from fine dining and bar hopping, get your motor running by putting the pedal to the metal and zipping around the PTT Speed Way.

The biggest Go-Kart track in Asia.

Situated in the RCA Plaza, the PTT Speed Way opened back in March 2004. The track covers 7000 square meters, which makes it the biggest indoor go-kart track in the whole of Asia. More than 100,000 people visit the race track each year, with most people turning up to race on weekends and in the evening. The great thing about the PTT Speed Way is that it is open until midnight on most nights of the week, which gives visitors plenty of time to get up a little courage and climb into a go kart top race their friends around the track.

On your marks, go!

The smell of petrol fills the air, the sound of revving engines mixing with the rock music that filters out from the speakers. Tension mounts as I glance at my opponent and catch his steely stare. The flag is lowered and we pull away with a loud screeching of tyres. Controlling the kart is actually pretty easy, although it takes a while to accelerate and gain speed after manoeuvring around the many tight corners as the track twists and turns its way around the floor.

I am enjoying the feeling of driving the kart so much that I have almost forgotten about the race. Suddenly, I look up and notice that my opponent is miles ahead. Although all the karts actually have the same speed, my kart just doesn’t want to go as fast as his for some reason. As we race, we are watched over by three guardian angels, ready to be on hand should anything go wrong. But this is very unlikely, and I feel safe and confident as I speed around the track.

I look back and see my opponent just behind me. Somehow, I’ve overtaken him without even realising it! My chest swells with pride as I realise that in a few minutes I will be the winner of the race. I look up at my friends, who are intently watching the race from high above us, and give them a triumphant wave. It suddenly occurs to me that my friend is still the leader, now nearly a full lap ahead and virtually unreachable! I curse myself for being heavier than my opponent, realising that it is the difference in our weight that has given him the edge. Try as I might, there is nothing I can do to catch up now, and I can already hear the sound of his boasts as he tells people how easily he outraced me.

My sense of defeat soon passes as we reach the finishing line. My opponent’s grin of triumph, combined with my shaking hands and feeling of elation as I climb from the kart more than make up for losing.

Visiting the PTT speed way.

An eight minute race at the PTT Speed Way costs just 390 ฿, including all equipment such as jumpsuits and crash helmets. Special discounts are also available for large groups. On site facilities include a large air conditioned pool room and bar, where you can relax with a drink and watch others zoom around the track.

Opening times are 16:00-24:00 Monday-Thursday (closed on Wednesdays), Friday 16:00-03:00, Saturday, Sunday and public holidays 13:00-24:00.The Karting Stadium is located near Sukhumvit at RCA Plaza, Soi Soonvijai, just off the Rama 9 Road. Ekkamai is the nearest BTS stop, while bus number 12 also runs past the entrance of RCA.

by Kirsty Turner

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