In this edition of Bangkok Nightlife’s girl of the week we meet ‘Ploy’. Many people wouldn’t guess that Ploy is 26. She considers herself as a ‘normal girl’ having fun doing her job. She comes across as a nice and shy girl and only likes to talk with people she trusts. Her ‘Japanese look’ makes her very popular with customers. Al tough she does not work in Bangkok at the moment we couldn’t resist to feature her as girl of the week.

Where do you come from?

I’m born in Sisaket a province in the North-East of Thailand. Growing up was very relaxed and we didn’t have to worry about anything. My younger sister still lives there together with my mother and father.

I moved to Bangkok when I was 17 to see if I could find work as a waitress. My friend asked me to join her to Pattaya and so I went. I started to miss the place and so I went back. When I found work in a Go-Go I packed all my stuff and left Bangkok, I actually never went back since.

What do you think is the sexiest part of your body?

That is a hard question! I like the fact that I am a small girl. It makes me look younger (smiles charmingly) But for the best part? I don’t know! You decide!

What are your turn ons?

I like it when a guy knows how to treat a lady right. He doesn’t have to open the door for me, but I like it when a guy knows how to make me feel good.

Some people tend to disrespect girls that do the job that I do. That’s why they treat a girl bad… I had a hard time understanding that. Actually I still don’t understand it, but it does not bother me any more.

What are your turn offs?

Honestly I don’t like it when guys are very fat… A small belly is oke, because that is cute. Also I don’t like when guys touch me when I don’t want them to do that. It happens a lot.
Maybe it’s just that I like to be respected.

What is your dream life?

I would like to have children and let them grow up in my home town. I would be home for them when they come back from school and cook whatever they like to eat. Later on I would like them to study in Bangkok to earn a good degree. I would follow them wherever they go haha! And for me? Maybe I could open my own laundry shop. My auntie has one as well.

Who is your dream guy?

Robert Pattinson from Twilight! But I should say it’s my boyfriend right haha?!

If you would like to meet Ploy swing by at ‘What up!’ a Go Go at Walking street, Pattaya.  

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