Royal City Avenue, which is commonly known as RCA, is one of the most popular places in Bangkok among people who like to party. This vibrant entertainment zone is home to more than two dozen different bars, nightclubs and live music venues that attract trendy Thai people and Westerners from all around the world. Here is an overview of some of RCA’s most popular venues.

Cosmic Cafe

This live music venue is a great place to start the evening. Music lovers will be able to hear a wide range of different types of bands here, from popular Thai bands to international acts. The atmosphere at Cosmic Cafe is warm and welcoming and the line-up often includes at least two different acts that are sure to get your toes tapping.

Mellow Yellow

As the name suggests, Mellow Yellow offers a chilled out atmosphere where music lovers can sit and enjoy a beer or two while soaking up the atmosphere. The venue’s live jamming sessions are particularly popular, while Mellow Yellow also hosts a large number of concerts throughout the year, with the main focus being on jazz.

Route 66

This large club is famous for its wild parties and Route 66 is the perfect place to really let your hair down. The venue is open every night of the week from 20:30 and things really heat up after midnight, when the dance floor tends to get extremely crowded.

Slim & Flix

This is RCA’s largest club by far and is the perfect place to see and be seen. The venue features three large rooms that pump out various different types of tunes including house, hip-hop, dubstep and live music, meaning that Slim & Flix truly have something for everyone. The cover charge includes two free drinks and the glass and concrete décor make this one of the most stylish venues in RCA.


This is one of the most popular clubs in RCA and the venue pumps out various different types of music on different nights of the week including dubstep, vocal house and techno. The club also features impressive lighting and visual displays and ladies who rock up here on Fridays will be able to enjoy free drinks until midnight.

The Beat Lounge

This is the first stop for hip-hop fans, and the Beat Lounge is instantly recognisable by its graffiti-style banner above the entrance. The atmosphere here is friendly and fun and while things tend to be a little quiet mid-week, people can really go wild at the Beat Lounge on the weekends.

Other venues at RCA that are worth checking out include Old Leng, Overtone Music Cave, Zeta and JazzIt. In addition to these venues, RCA is also home to a number of eateries, an indoor go kart centre, massage parlours and a cinema, all of which are open until late at night. No matter what type of evening entertainment you are searching for, you are sure to find it at RCA.

To get to RCA, clubbers can either ride the MRT to Pharam 9 station or the BTS to Phrom Phong and take a taxi the rest of the way. Although most of the main clubs and bars are open from 20:00 or 21:00, things don’t really heat up at RCA until around 23:00, while most venues close their doors at 02:00 or 03:00.

By Kirsty Turner

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