Movie lovers who want to step back in time to when a trip to the cinema was an enchanting experience should pay a visit to the Scala cinema. This cinema was built back in 1967, which makes it the oldest surviving cinemas in the whole of Bangkok. This stunning art deco building makes a trip to the cinema really special, and visitors will want to take the time to explore the venue before they purchase tickets to see a show.

Before making their way up the impressive curved double staircase to purchase their tickets, people will want to take the time to stand in the Scala’s large lobby and gaze up at the ceiling. This dramatic vaulted ceiling features huge yet elegant bronzed flowers hanging from each of the domes. A gigantic chandelier also sweeps over the staircase, giving the lobby a regal feel.


Classy Old Style

Great care has been taken to preserve the Scala to its appearance when it was originally opened, and thanks to the facelift that the building was given a couple of years ago it looks brand new. Attention to detail is key here, and even the letters announcing the names of the movie being show are created in old-style red letters that are placed by hand, rather than a more modern and flashy digital display.

Ticket prices at the Scala are much lower than most of the cinema’s competitors, which means that everyone can afford to join in the fun of watching the latest movies in this establishment, even if they are on a tight budget. These tickets are torn from a booklet rather than being printed and make a great souvenir that movie fans will want to stick in their scrapbook. The Scala’s ticket sellers and ushers are dressed in snazzy yellow jackets that come complete with a bow-tie, which really adds to the magic of the experience.

There is just one screen at the Scala, so moviegoers will want to check show times in advance so that they do not miss out. However, the Scala is rarely packed these days, so people are sure to be able to secure their favourite seat and really spread out while watching the movie.


The Cinema

Although the screen at the cinema is much smaller than its modern counterparts, movie goers are treated to a more intimate experience at the Scala. The theatre boasts around a thousand red velvet seats, which curve around the room offering an excellent view from all positions.

One of the great things about the Scala is that the air-conditioning is not turned up full blast as it is in most of Bangkok’s modern cinemas. This allows visitors to sit and enjoy their movie in comfort without having to arm themselves with blankets, jackets and socks just to prevent themselves from freezing.

In addition to the latest blockbusters, the Scala also shows an eclectic range of independent movies from Europe and Asia. This means that true movie lovers who are looking for something a little bit different are sure to find something to keep them entertained at the Scala.

Scala Cinema is situated on Siam Square Soi 1, just a short stroll from the Siam skytrain station. A wide range of different types of eateries can be found close to the Scala, as well as local markets and large shopping centres.

By Kirsty Turner

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