Despite the demise of San Fran Disc Go, RCA’s gay nightclub scene carries on breathing fresh life in the name of Castro. Heating up the temperature with coyote boys, shower shows and comedic performers on stage, the club makes up for the lack of interior presentation and modernization in the form of pure entertainment. Now, during weekends I’d recommend to hit it up after midnight if you want to see what it’s all about, as things start spice up in the early hours.

It’s not about the looks.

As stated above, the interior isn’t quite up to the standard of RCA’s big hitters or some other gay nightclubs in the city, and I couldn’t help but think the décor seemed to be in need of a minor facelift, may I say. However, by no means should this turn people away. I believe that to judge it on presentation alone would be to miss the point. Castro is not here to be a lavish, modern hangout. It focuses on entertaining the guests and this is what does it justice and gives you real reason to turn up for.

The Castro lay-out.

Inside the club is well spaced out, with sets of tables situated around the centre stage with a runway that reaches out all the way down the middle, creating an intimate feeling between the audience and performers. At the back is a set of steps taking you up to a slightly higher level where more tables and chairs can be found. In addition, I was told there is also a private lounge area reserved for ‘the boys’. I’m sure you get the idea…

Lighting is noticeably dim and dreamy, with purple beams dispersed around the room, giving out a seductive, warm glow.

Late night entertainment.

Once the late night entertainment starts, the club kicks into life. From chiseled coyote boys striding up and down the catwalk to lady boy singers/dancers dressed as drag queens spitting out jokes and downing crazy mixes of drinks, the fuzzy atmosphere brings the crowd to high levels of joyous laughs and cheers. To peak it off, the erotic shower shows will commence as a treat to the committed individuals who stick around for longer. Unbelievably, the action doesn’t stop until 5am on weekends.

Castro will surely keep you entertained.

In the department of ordering drinks, there is not a huge of choice at hand.  The range of beer includes Singha, Heineken and, well, more of the same. Bottles are available to be ordered at tables, as well as your usual mix of spirit blends. On the plus side, the price of drinks isn’t going to eat away at your wallet too fast. Beer is 140 Baht while spirits are around 160-180 Baht.

All in all, Castro is a relatively cheap, worthwhile night out when taking into account the fair price of drinks, zero entrance fees and hours of entertainment to be witnessed and digested. The club may not have the glamour of a high-end venue, presenting a slightly dated feel, but succeeds with its highly entertaining shows. Crowds are mostly all Thai, so being able to speak Thai or being with someone who speaks the language well would certainly to be to your advantage.

by Kieran Edmonds

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