For many of us, breakfast is the favourite meal of the day and for a lot of people who don’t like to cook, finding the right place to enjoy the initial meal of the day is important. Luckily, for Bangkokians, there is an endless variety of places to visit and enjoy everything from a simple bowl of noodles to a gastronomic extravaganza involving eggs, meats, breads and fruits of all kinds. Since there are literally thousands of restaurants and food stalls that serve breakfast in Bangkok, we thought it might be interesting and helpful to highlight some of the different types of breakfasts available here.

If you are a visitor to the Big Mango and are staying in one of the many 4 or 5 star hotels here, you may find the most comfortable, convenient, and cost effective solution for breakfast is the buffet breakfasts typically served in most of the larger hotels. Generally speaking, there is a wide selection of breakfast foods including western style omelets or eggs made to order plus a well rounded selection of Japanese, Chinese and local Thai breakfast dishes as well. With the recent downturn in tourism resulting from the political conflict, many hotels are offering the buffet breakfast in house as part of the room cost, so the price is hard to beat. Quality and variety are good in these settings and it is the perfect way to accommodate a family with varying tastes and preferences.

Another quick and easy solution to the “what’s for breakfast?” question are the scores of Thai food stalls that litter the sidewalks and alleys of the city. For 30 baht or less, one can enjoy a quick and healthy meal on just about any street you are on. Noodles, rice porridge, Thai omelet’s and rice with curry are just a few of the many dishes you will find readily available almost anywhere. Fresh fruits are available off of carts that sell pineapple, watermelon, cantaloupe and locally grown produce at a price that is insignificant compared to similar fare in the west. The best way to locate a good food stall is to keep an eye out for stalls that have long lines of locals waiting for their order.

If your tastes lean towards a more continental ambiance, Crepes & Co. might be a good choice. As their name implies, Crepes and Co. specialize in Crepes as well as other European and Mediterranean dishes, served in an environment that strives to be an “oasis” in the midst of this frenetic city. Started in 1996 by the owner, Philippe Bruttin, they now have two locations in Bangkok – one at 59/4 Langsuan Soi 1 and the other at the 8 Thonglor Bldg. on Thonglor Soi 8. The crepes are made from a unique family recipe, using a touch of rice flour that yields a lighter base. They come with a large variety of fillings and flavors to satisfy everyone’s taste buds. Aside from the crepes, their menu is bursting with over 300 different items from France, Morocco, Greece and Spain. They are open each day from 9 until 11 PM.

For our friends from the UK, the choices are clear, with several British Pubs serving a “fry-up” or “full English” breakfast at any time of the day or night. Menu items such as sausage, black & white pudding, fried or poached eggs, toast, baked beans and bacon rashers are just a few of the menu items available at such spots The Dubliner, Black Swan and The Londoner.

In short, when it comes to international breakfast cuisine, Bangkok has something for everyone. Mexican, Middle Eastern and Korean restaurants also offer breakfast menus that will remind even the most seasoned traveler of home.

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