Now, I’m a pretty open-minded bloke. Honestly, I don’t really care what gets you off. After all, I didn’t choose to be attracted almost exclusively to skinny, large breasted blondes. My life would be much much simpler if I had a thing for ugly fat girls, as they seem to be crazy about me.  I don’t judge, as I fully understand that we don’t pick what we like. You just ‘likes whats you likes’.

And I am cool with that. Whatever rows your boat, I say; As long as it is legal and consensual then go for it, you dirty boy or girl.

But speaking of boy or girl, there is one particular fetish that many people find difficult to wrap their heads around, namely lady-boys. It’s not so much the lady-boys themselves that are difficult to understand, as we all have heard and read stories in the press about transgender/transsexual people. We now all understand the idea that some people feel like they were born in the wrong body. You feel like a girl, but you’ve got the wrong plumbing. You just don’t feel right being what your body says you are. That isn’t so hard to comprehend. Sometimes I look in the mirror and think to myself, “Hey, whose fat-gut body is this?!”

Is this Attraction?

What the average fella (and many women, to boot) often find difficult to understand is the guy who is attracted to a lady-boy. Now I am not talking about the Crying Game surprise attraction, where the evening ends with a startling revelation and dueling swords over the toilet bowl. I am also not talking about the attraction that naturally develops when you get to know someone and find that they are fascinating and wonderful.

No, I am talking about the straight guy who is actively interested in a woman who is actually a guy physically, or the gay guy who is interested in a guy who looks like a woman. What is going on? Straight guys like women, gay guys like men. Right? Isn’t that how it works?

There are of course the bi-sexual men, who get a pretty sweet deal being with a lady-boy, I guess. A real two-for. The best of both worlds, just depending what end you approach from.

Or is it just Greediness?

But for the rest, is it just greediness (wanting everything), or indecisiveness (not really knowing what you want), or pure kinkiness (wanting what you can never tell your mother), or is it a very specific interest in a man who looks like a woman? I make no judgment, but my head boggles trying to figure it out.

For example, there are the cross-dressing men, who are not lady-boys, (i.e. they feel like a straight man inside, but want to dress like a woman), who wants to be with a lady-boy (who has/had the body of a man but also dresses as a woman) to live vicariously through the lady-boy’s full conversion. What a couple that makes: a woman who is really a man inside who really wants to get inside a woman who is a man inside who is really a woman inside.

And let’s not even begin to contemplate the lady-boy lesbian who is attracted to other women.

It’s all too complicated. I’m going to stick with dating my sister.

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