Bangkok is a real paradise for food lovers and the city features a large number of award-winning restaurants. However, eating out in the Big Mango doesn’t have to break your budget. Dining at street stalls costs just a few Baht and these street stalls serve a wide range of tasty Thai meals and snacks. Street stalls can be found scattered all over the city. Here are some of the best places to dine al fresco.

Victory Monument

If you are in this area and fancy a bowl of boat noodles, head to Doy Kuay Teow Reua. This great street food stalls serves hearty portions of boat noodles, served either in a soup or dry. Nearby Rangnam street is also a great place to enjoy street food. Some of the most popular dishes here include morning glory stir fried with crispy pork, authentic Isaan dishes like laarb and somtam and dancing shrimp. To get to this area, simply take the BTS to Victory Monument station and follow the signs to exit 3.


This district features a large number of street food stalls, which are particularly popular in the evening. Street stalls here serve everything from fresh seafood dishes to steaming bowls of wonton noodle soup. T & K Seafood is a great place to sample Thai seafood dishes while soaking up the vibrant atmosphere of Chinatown, while the street food stall known as Kuay Jab Uan Pochana is famous for its rice noodle rolls.

Khaosan Road

The neon lit street is lined with a large number of street food carts that sell everything from pad Thai and spring rolls to kebabs stuffed with grilled chicken and vegetables. Competition is extremely high on Khaosan Road, which keeps the prices down and means that the food is fairly fresh.

Nakhon Chaisi Road

This long road can be found just a twenty minute bus ride from Khaosan Road and is famous for its street food. Office workers flock to Nakhon Chaisi Road at lunchtime to take their pick from a large number of different street food stalls. Arrive before no one and you will be able to enjoy a large bowl of rice porridge, which comes with pieces of pork, an egg if desired and fresh spring onions, while other popular options here include duck with rice, fried rice noodles with pork known as pad see-ew in Thai and jungle curry. The local market close to the top of the road also serves portions of Thai dishes that can be eaten at nearby tables or taken away to enjoy later.

Sukhumvit Soi 38

While Thonglor features a large number of excellent restaurants, lovers of street food will also find plenty to choose from on this bustling soi. Most of the street food stalls here are open from 17:00 until 02:00, which also makes this a great place to stop for a bite to eat after a night out on the town. Popular options here include chicken with sticky rice, rice with pork and basil topped with a fried egg and Isaan dishes.

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