Hanging out in the Big Mango can be stressful at times and we all need to connect and unwind once in a while. Practicing yoga is a great way to interact and get together with like-minded people.

A number of special community yoga classes are held in various parts of Bangkok throughout the week. These classes are donation based and are aimed at everyone, from confirmed yoga lovers to those who have never tried yoga before. Classes are attended by people from all walks of life, from Thai teenagers to travellers and expats and last for an hour.

Class sizes are generally small and this is the perfect way to connect with other yogis and have fun. In fact, the main emphasis of these classes is fun and happiness. People who attend the classes are encouraged to connect with the other students, and special social events are even organised after some of the classes to give like-minded people more opportunities to make connections.

You don’t have to sign up for these classes, simply stop by. This makes the community yoga classes ideal for people who are passing through Bangkok and want to practice yoga. The atmosphere is light and friendly and people are encouraged to simply embrace the experience.

Nathaniel Try is one of the champions of the Bangkok community yoga project. He leads a number of different classes at K Village in the Phrom Phong district, while more venues are soon to be established in other parts of the city. Nathaniel is a professional yoga teacher and also leads private classes for select groups in Bangkok.

The idea behind the community yoga project is to connect people and offer them the opportunity to get together. Nathaniel believes that yoga has nothing to do with being flexible in your body. It is mostly about giving yourself the opportunity to be there and the chance to feel and connect.

Over the last year word about the community yoga classes has been spreading. They have attracted so much attention that more and more classes are being added as well as other types of projects.

To find out more about community yoga, check out the BKKFM Community Yoga page on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/bkkfmyoga. You can also contact Nathaniel Try on Facebook and ask him any questions you might have, find out more about the classes and volunteer to help out with various different types of projects.

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