The Nana Entertainment Plaza is legendary and since the late 80’s when the first go-go bars started to appear, it has been called everything from Disneyland to the Heart of Darkness. It is one of the prominent red light areas of Bangkok along with Soi Cowboy and Patpong, although you won’t find clothes stalls and coffee shops next to the Nana bars and clubs.

This place is strictly for the open-minded tourist and you tend to see a lot of them while perched at any of the bars on ground level or from a more elevated viewpoint on the first or second floors. The bars here now tend to be clearly branded: a bar for Asian tourists, ladyboy chasers and the run of the mill standard bars with their usual assortment of bar counter games and repetitive string of ice-breaker questions.

Meeting the Angels and Witches.

However, if one was to look up or take the escalator or stairs to level two there are a host of delights and fantasies to match your inclination. The second level is made up mostly of go-go bars. There is quite a bit of commotion occurring on this floor before you walk beyond the closed doors and faux velvet curtains: touts accosting you, girls reapplying make-up, readjusting their scant outfits and the random huddle of chattering employees sharing a bowl of som tam.

Into the club Angel Witch, one is immediately greeted and taken to a comfortable seat to enjoy the show. Termed show in the ubiquitous sense, it is more like three hours of erotic theatre that is broken up by intervals of go-go dancing. Time and effort is clearly invested in these shows and one can view these with either ironic wonder, sincere excitement or with one’s lower jaw swinging in the breeze. There are the most random song choices associated with the shows and the chance is, you’ll never be able to listen to them the same way again.

Some of the best shows in town.

There’s a broad range of patrons every evening at Angel Witch and all are there for the same reason, they have likely heard of the shows or visited their sister club on Walking Street in Pattaya. Angel Witch is rightly popular and almost all leave having had a memorable evening. The main show starts at 10pm and if you prefer, you can have one or a number of hostesses to keep you company. The staff uphold a noticeable degree of respect and therefore don’t hassle or strong-arm customers into buying lady drinks. However, the essence of the bar means that you do get a better performance with tips and drinks.

Getting a fair deal.

Prices are reasonable and when considering the effort put into making each show, it is worthwhile to witness some of the main event. The old strategy of getting paying punters inside to then charge them 500 baht for a warm bottle of beer do not happen here. The set up and philosophy here is to ensure that the customer remains happy and not pressured into how they wish to spend their night, or their money.

By Kevin Goldsmith.

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