Situated at Thong Lor 13 Road is a unique gem that goes by the name of ‘The Iron Fairies’.  Before entering the bar, I had little idea of what to expect inside (other than the slight hint in the name). From the outside the windows are not transparent, revealing nothing of what lies beyond the entrance. But what does lie ahead is well worth seeing for anyone who seeks something a little different or just a laid back place to relax and unwind.

Entering the magical world of the ‘Iron Fairies’

As I entered, the change of scenery hit me like a sack of potatoes. The inside is an entirely different world from the busy streets of Thong Lor and its modern orientated bars. The room is candlelit from bottom to top, creating a romantic, warm fantasy world all at once. Every part of the bar has detail and the huge amount of effort that’s been applied is instantly felt and appreciated.

Around the room are strange glitter machines, steam pipes stretching across the ceiling, mystical fairies, and ancient cogwheels. All these little things play their part to create a dream-like world for one night.Seating is cozy, with several sets of big armchairs and small tables, as well as many stools to sit on around the room. Boxes of free nuts are provided for the snack fanatics.

From the bar to the toilets: everything is outstanding.

Attention to detail is outstanding. Even using the toilet was an interesting experience… Going up the stairs leads to another level, with more seating areas and tables to eat at. It overlooks the bottom, giving the place a more spacious layout as the size isn’t exactly huge. In the centre at the front end is a small set up where a pleasant jazz band will play each night, adding to the chilled atmosphere. They usually start from around 9pm and finish at 12am. I felt the second level was a little more relaxed than the ground, making it feel more like a couple’s restaurant than a drinking bar.

Drinks are great, but not cheap.

The bar’s drink menu holds a vast array of alcoholic beverages. In other words: everything. There are several beers to choose from, both Thai and Western. Spirits include rum, gin, whiskey and vodka. Most can be purchased in single glasses or full bottles. A small wine menu is included, which is a fitting drink to the venue (albeit a costly one). There is also a full page of cocktails to choose from. The price is not cheap, but nor is it expensive compared to some more ‘hi-so’ bars in the city. I for one was more willing to splash a little extra cash on drinks.

Food is also served, and at any time. There is a decent choice of burgers, steaks and side dishes such as potato chips/fries. The food is a little pricey for someone on a budget; however you really do get what you pay for.

Make sure you don’t miss out.

People flock to the scene on weekend evenings, meaning you’ll need to arrive fairly early to ensure a good seat (or perhaps any seat at all). There is also a policy of allowing a limited number of people in at one time due to the small area inside. During the week it’s not so much of an issue, however it can still be a popular destination for people looking to unwind after work.

One of the most special things about the place is that there’s no cliché customer. Inside you will find foreigners and Thai’s, young and old, smart, casual and alternative.

By Kevin Harrington.

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