La Monita Mexican Restaurant

La Monita Taqueria offers superior Mexican cuisine with a unique charm all it’s own. Located on Ploenchit road, this cozy location is tucked in on the lower level of The Mahatun Plaza Arcade. La Monita Taqueria offers its guests an amazing look into the flavors and colorful dishes of Mexico.

With orange wall and green tables with matching benches, the decor of this establishment stays true to the Mexican style and color scheme in most Mexican taquerias. There are meager stylings on the walls and the staff adds to the ambiance with there own unique attire. This is a place for great Mexican food and very affordable prices.

Traditional Mexican from the United States features such delights as Enchiladas, tortillas, quesadillas, and many other comfort foods. These main dishes are so popular in and around America. All of these can be enjoyed at La Monita.

The clientele at La Monita is a mixture of Thai, Expat, and tourists and anyone looking for great food at affordable prices. As with all great dining experiences, you may have to wait for a table at lunch or dinner, but it is surely worth the wait.

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