In this edition of Bangkok Nightlife’s girl of the week we meet ‘Kate’. Kate is very passionate with what she does, although she knows that this is not want she wants to do for long term she makes sure to give it her all to achieve all her dreams for her and for her family.

Where do you come from?

I grew up in Nakhon Rachasima. I used to live there with my parents, one younger brother and one older sister. My brother is living with my parents and helping them with farming, I live now in Bangkok together with my sister.

What do you think is the sexiest part of your body?

Honestly this is the sexiest part of me and the best defense I have. My pussy! Haha!


What are your turn ons?

I really like men who have big muscles! Specially when they can carry me without sweat and when I can play and hang on their arms.

What are your turn offs?

Seriously I don’t fancy old men and fat guys. It’s just a turn off for me. But I still can make them feel good but it’s just not my type.


What is your dream in life?

I like drawing and designing clothes. I tell my girlfriends how to wear their clothes and what to mix and match and also what accessories to use. I dream someday to design clothes a very nice, stylish and affordable one.

Who is your dream guy?

Vin Diesel will forever be the man of my dreams!

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