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On The Bangkok Nightlife guide section you can search for any venue, not only gives you latest up to date information and reviews about Bangkok exciting venues, but we are giving our users an worldly unique experience by watching professionally made videos to all of our bars, restaurant, go go’s, clubs and entertainment venues, directly to your phone, tablet or computer.

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Chatuchak Weekend Market

People who are looking for somewhere to bag a few bargains and indulge in a spot of shopping at the weekend should head on over to Chatuchak weekend market. Covering around 35 acres, this is the largest outdoor market in Bangkok

Bangkok Grub Street

Best Mexican Restaurants in Bangkok

Despite being at almost opposite sides of the world, Bangkok has some incredible Mexican restaurants, see are our best picks.

Mixology Secrets

Thai Tang Mou

Thai Tang Mou is created by Four Seasons Hotel Bangkok a few years ago. You can try and mix this drink yourself at home

Bangkok Club Vibe

Party Everyday at Wip 168!

Thong Lor has of course been long known as being a popular area for those who enjoy a night out, with seemingly more and more trendy cafes, bars and restaurants opening every month. The décor inside is very elaborate: lavish opulent red seats, heavy dark drapes, glittery and sparkly chandeliers and Roman style artwork covers the ceiling.

Bangkok Bar Fly

Night in Bangkok for Under 1,000 Baht

How to have a great night in Bangkok for under 1,000 Baht? Bangkok is a great place to party and there are numerous great bars and clubs to be found scattered all over the city. However, with the price of drinks and club admissions on the rise, it is easy to spend a fortune on a night out on the town before you know it.

Bangkok Entertainment

The Soi Dog Foundation

As you wander around the streets of Bangkok, you cannot help notice the large number of stray dogs that are wandering around. The dogs are often sick and underfed and are referred to as soi dogs. These animals often end up on the streets because they were abandoned by their owners

“Bangkok, like Las Vegas, sounds like a place where you make bad decisions” / todd phillips

Bangkok Grub Street

Best Dutch Restaurants in Bangkok

It will probably come as a surprise to know that Bangkok is home to a number of fabulous Dutch restaurants, after all Thailand and Holland are not necessarily two countries you would automatically associate with each other, but trust us,

Mixology Secrets

Thai Ginger Lime Cooler

Thai Ginger Lime Cooler drink is built around the bones of a traditional daiquiri, a classic cocktail composed of rum, lime juice, and sugar. The twist is a bouquet of Thai flavors: ginger, Thai basil, and (optionally) green chile pepper. Ingredients: Ginger-Basil Infused Rum (Makes enough for 6 cocktails.) 12 ounces white rum 2 tablespoons fresh

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